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Word Bible College

Are You Ready To Take On The World?

WBC is a supernatural, practical, ministry training institute providing Biblical studies in theology and ministry. We believe everyone has a call on their life to do something great for God, from the nursery worker to the Pastor. We also believe every Christian should be trained in the word of God with anointing and power to do the work of the ministry. Ministry training programs at Word Bible College and Graduate Studies require students to be actively involved in the ministry of a local church. We feel this is the best way to apply what is being learned in class.

Ministry Training Center

Purely a theological school, WBC is a fully-accredited Institution established by Dr. Stephen R. Johnson in 1991. The education you receive is reflective of the principals of Stephen Johnson Ministries. WBC is a member of the Accrediting Commissions International for Schools, Colleges, and Theological Seminaries meeting California’s Council for Private Post Secondary and Vocational Educational requirements. In addition to the local operation of the college in Escondido for the past 17 years, satellite Bible colleges have been established in the United States and through the world. The combined college locations have graduated thousands of students, many with a variety of under graduate and graduate degrees.

Nationally, WBC has five campuses with international campuses flourishing in Peru, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and soon Costa Rica.

At Word Bible College, all of our courses are Bible based with the emphasis on practical ministry application. Courses range from foundational doctrine to ministry development. Word Bible College is an accredited Theological School offering degrees from Associate to Doctorate in Theology.

For more information about Programs, Degrees, Graduate Studies and Tuition, please visit www.WordBibleCollege.com or call 760.433.WORD.